Technology & Product Advantages


TOYOSAKURA PIANO Our pianos use traditional special equipment and production lines, and we hire piano experts at home and abroad to come to the company for technical guidance and assembly. In addition, we hire technicians with many years of technical experience for tuning and piano tone processing. Before leaving the factory, every piano must undergo a vibrato test to ensure that every process is strictly implemented. So as to achieve the perfect consistency with overseas high-tech CNC machining modes and other advanced assembly processes.

Since we started our business, we have been devoted to developing advanced and reliable technology after countless times of technical training. We have always adhered to the concept of "manufacturing reliable piano" and strive to produce a first-class piano in Europe.


Spruce soundboard

All solid wood soundboards and ribs are made of world-class Russian spruce, which makes the sound quality more penetrating.


German Roslau string

The piano uses the most high-quality steel wire and adopts German brand Roslau strings. The high-precision match between the low range and the midrange makes the strings achieve good resonance.


High-quality solid wood linkage system

The audio is low and the tone is heavy, which can reduce the resonance of the sound and achieve the resolution, clarity and purity that cannot be achieved by metal rods.


Piano action

The German Renault-style action is used to ensure that the piano operates more sensitively, has a more layered touch, and is durable. All of these ensure the smooth operation of the action and give you a completely new experience.


Imported tungsten iron peg nails

The imported tungsten iron peg nails have high precision and smoothness. The highly precise coordination of the peg plate keeps the strings balanced and the piano has a more stable tone. The steel plate is precision CNC punched with extremely high precision.


Hammer imported from Germany

Selected German ABEL, FFW and Japanese imported hammers, made of pure wool, with soft tone and good elasticity, with better hardness and elasticity. Make sure the sound is transparent and uniform, the sound is beautiful and delicate, and the product has a long service life.

Pure copper pedal

The pedal is made of pure copper to ensure the long life of the pedal.


Slow down system

To ensure the safety of users, adopt a safer protection design. The humanized design of the hydraulic slow-down system is added to the keyboard of the piano, so that the keyboard cover is slowly and softly lowered and closed. Even children will not accidentally injure their fingers due to the sudden fall of the keyboard.


Pure solid wood body with ebony black keys


Pure solid wood body, ebony black keys, make the keys feel moderately strong. In accordance with international standards, strict control of the rebound load of the keys ensures the sensitivity and response speed of the keys. The entire keyboard has undergone advanced drying and moisture-proof treatment to effectively prevent the sensitivity of the keyboard from being affected by changes in temperature.

Custom export piano shell

height of the iron plate ≥113cm(Toyo BostonBros series)

Reinforced solid wood composite soundboard of varying thickness. The ribs are made of the same wood as the soundboard. The number of ribs shall not be less than 10.

The effective length of 1# string is 119cm.

It comprises no less than eighteen layers of hardwood interlaced and spliced.

Ningbo Beilun movement (high-end version)

Felt hammer from Germany

Ten days of material drying pretreatment. The glued part uses gelatin imported from Germany (Cured at a constant temperature of 60 degrees Celsius during the entire process). The bonding part of the movement is white glue imported from Japan.

Each Toyo piano has to undergo seven times tuning, 5,000 times vibration playing tests, 30 days of constant temperature and humidity static stability, and three times of voicing. Finally, the piano achieves a high quality that it remains for a hundred years.